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Excess & Obsolete Materials Solutions

Come to us for Surplus Electronics Inventory Solutions & Sales.

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Excess and Obsolete Material Solutions

We purchase excess and obsolete materials, helping our clients effectively reduce or eliminate inventory management and write-down costs. We have long-term agreements with many of the world's largest OEMs and CMs/EMS Providers as a first-choice inventory buyer. We are a dependable and flexible business partner, and we have the resources to move quickly on purchases of any size, anywhere in the world.

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Individual Line Purchases

Orient Power offers line-item bids on select inventories of single and limited items in large counts.

Whole Lot Purchases

Orient Power has the resources and expertise to purchase inventories of any size enabling clients to quickly eliminate assets and carrying costs as needed.

Consignment Services

Orient Power offers a consignment electronic components program with exceptional terms and service. Consignment enables our clients to realize greater value on their excess and obsolete material over a longer period of time. We stock and manage all inventories, provide online client access to inventory counts, and offer a range of flexible reporting and payment options.

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